Our inspiration to work is what is left to build for the society as we are its part.

Therefore at each stage of our work we include the expectations, safety, and comfort of those who will be the final users of our realizations - people.

  • It is worth to engage.
    President of the Board
    Przemysław Borek


New objects of Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk

Olivia Six is the newest and the highest building of Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk - the biggest office complex of AA class in the northern Poland. The newest office building has 3 underground floors and 15 overground floors.

The construction of new plant of Polish Mint is finished

The object is erected at the 2-ha plot at Annopol Street in Warsaw, in Białołęka district. The Polish Mint plans to relocate the production of coins to the new hall of area of 7,800 m².

Pekabex sponsors "WyKOMBinuj Most" contest

Our employees from division in Gdańsk have presented a lecture about prefabrication, which had been met with interest of the students.